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Are you working as a craftsman, a carpenter or a building contractor? Such kinds of professions entail perfection and accuracy and this can be achieved by having the best power tools and equipment in each of the projects that you do. And when it comes to your cutting tasks, there should be a way to realize perfect and accurate cuts. With the use of a high quality and high standard miter saw, you will be able to realize fine and accurate cuts according to what is being required by your project.

Shopping for a miter saw can be a way perplexing in the first place. The current market is presently filled with a variety of choice. Your search for the best one can become even more confusing when you are faced with a plethora of various products of different brands, models and price ranges. There has to be a way to help you out in your search scheme and through this, finding the one that is simply best for you is achievable at the end of the day. Below are two of the best Ridgid Miter Saw products that you will definitely like to have for your everyday wood cutting projects and endeavors.

Why Choose Ridgid Miter Saw?

Ridge Tool Company is an American manufacturing company that produces and distributes different kinds of tools and power tools under the brand name, Ridgid. This company was actually founded some time in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio and is now located in Elyria, Ohio. Since the time of its establishment, Ridge Company has become one of the best and most trusted developers, manufacturers and distributors of high quality power tools such as Ridgid Miter Saw products around the world.

Ridgid 10” Miter Saw MS1065LZA

With this particular model, rest assured that you can now maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your work area through its dust port. This dust-collecting feature is connected to the standard dust collection of the unit, thus making your entire work area clean and tidy.

Gripping and handling this miter saw provides you a great deal of comfort and convenience during your work. It comes with the so-called Ergonomic D-Handle for improved handling and gripping. It also works with the aid of a fifteen-amp power motor that can function even in the toughest and most difficult cuts. Moreover, it also features a Repeat-A-Cut surface for marking, allowing you to mark fence the cuts that need to be repeated.

To help you secure the material you are working on, this model features a Work Clamp which also comes with a quick release. This feature ensures that your material stays in place during your operation. Bevel cuts can also be adjusted, thus allowing you to accommodate a variety of cuts your project requires.

It includes an Exact-line Adjustable Laser Guide, a table extension, a blade that is carbide-tipped, a dust bag, a dust guide, a work clamp, a blade wrench, hex keys and a user’s manual.

Ridgid 12” Miter Saw ZRR4120

This is another type or model of Ridgid Miter Saw which is highly sought by many people in the woodworking industry these days. The ZRR4120 model actually has a high rating from customers around the world and it is also highly recommended for different purposes particularly when it comes to the task of cutting materials like hardwoods.

The Ridgid ZRR4120 is powered by a fifteen-amp motor. This simply means that the unit can work and operate even in the toughest and most difficult cuts. So whether you are working on a light or a tougher type of wood, this kind of miter saw from Ridgid simply works best for you.

This unit also comes with an Exactline Adjustable feature which also comes with a laser alignment system. This assists you to align the blade in a more accurate manner with the unit’s cut line. It also comes with a 2.5-inch dust port system, providing you with a connection to standard dust and debris collection systems. With such feature, rest assured that your entire workplace is clean and tidy all the time.

It also comes with a work clamp that has a quick release function. The lever of the clamp secures the material you are working on. So if material stability is what you are looking for on a particular type of miter saw, this model is an excellent choice for you.

Lastly, this Ridgid Miter Saw model also comes with quick-release bevel and miter locks, allowing you to access your unit easily whenever you need it the most. This is especially true when you need to make accurate, precise and perfect angle adjustments on the material you are working on.

Updated: June 15, 2017 — 6:47 pm

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