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If you are working on wood-cutting projects, it is important to have the best tools – the best power tools so to speak. And when it comes to these stuffs, there are a lot of them in the market today. As a matter of fact, shopping for one can be a bit confusing simply because of the overwhelming number of power tools of different brands, kinds and models. This is true when it comes to miter saws which are highly sought by many woodworkers these days.

However, shopping for a good one may not be as hard as what others would think especially when you know of a particular brand that you can trust and rely on. Of the many different brands scattered everywhere in the market, the Milwaukee Miter Saw proves to be one of the finest. The truth is that this particular brand is recognized by many professional and first time users of such kind of power tool. It simply boasts of its high ratings and recommendations coming from many customers all over the world.

Milwaukee Miter Saw 6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel

This particular model from Milwaukee comes with a digital miter angle which features a fine adjustment. This feature that goes with the detent override makes it easier for you to dial-in accurate and perfect miter angles. Here, you can have the freedom to quickly and easily adjust for non-square environment.

The fine adjustment allows a single-hand operation – your one hand on the material you are working on and your other hand on the fine adjustment of the unit. This feature also comes with a system called self-zeroing and it is expected to work on the entire range of the miter angle. Moreover, this particular model of Milwaukee Miter Saw also features an integral and dual job site lights.

These lights help to illuminate the material you are working on particularly the cut lines of both sides of the unit’s blade, making it easier for you to see the blade as it enters and cuts the material. This also eliminates your need to buy and set up independent lighting for your work area. Such kind of light is especially important for pre-finished millworks.

This model also comes with an electronic soft touch start mechanism that allows you to have a sneak on what you are cutting, specifically on the cut line. You can actually do this without damaging the material. The blade of the saw only takes less than a couple of seconds to be at its highest speed. However, this simply makes a big difference especially when you need to ensure a good and smooth start.

It also comes with a motor that features a constant power technology, enabling continuous speed in the process. The blade features a stable RPM of 3250 with or without loads and cutting operations. This simply gives you the assurance of having clean and precise cuts on your wood materials.

The cleanliness and tidiness of your work area is also never a problem with this particular model. Thanks to its integral dust channel. This one serves as the one responsible for capturing and collecting up to 75 percent of debris and dust produced on both sides while cutting. The debris and dust produced are directed to the unit’s back elbow and into the unit’s waste container. With this particular feature, it has become the Best Dust Collection in the industry!

Moreover, Milwaukee 6955-20 also comes with a single lever bevel that can be adjusted prior to your preferences. This feature has nine positive bevel stops, allowing the saw to bevel easily to the left or to the right at 0-48 degrees.

The Pros

  • Allows you to cut miters of up to sixty degrees to the right and fifty-five degrees to the left
  • Adjustable depth of rabbets or groove cuts
  • It comes with a well-written user’s manual which include angle charts for crown molding
  • It comes with a trigger padlock to protect your unit from theft
  • Bevel angle detents comes with a nice touch

The Cons

  • This particular kind of Milwaukee Miter Saw weighs 75 pounds, making it as a heavy type of power tool. Portability is set aside.
  • The knob for fine adjustment can be a way hard to engage
  • A bit costly but is packed with many essential features

The Bottom Line

If you are a woodworker or a building contractor and you are looking for a professional type of 12-inch miter saw then this model of Milwaukee Miter Saw is simply a good option for you. With all the features it has, craftsmen and woodworkers will find it useful, allowing them to produce the kind of precision results their projects require.

Updated: June 15, 2017 — 6:46 pm

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