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In terms of robustness, high standards and precision, there is only one brand that you can simply rely on when it comes to your power tool needs and requirements. What is simply being referred here is the name “Bosch,” a specific kind of power tool brand which assures excellence, reliability and perfection on all of the various power tool products it has to offer. Each of the products it offers is strictly engineered to meet the highest standard of excellence, making it as one of the most popular and most trusted brands all over the world.

Of the many different kinds of power tools this brand produces and distributes around the world, the Bosch Miter Saw proves to be an important and most sought after power tool it offers. Bosch offers a number of its kind but the ones below prove the best choices for you. Here are two of the most popular miter saws from Bosch:

Bosch Miter Saw GCM12SD

This miter saw from Bosch comes with a 12-inch dual bevel miter saw which glides smoothly on your piece of material that needs to be cut. It works smoothly and accurately, rendering you with excellent performance along the way. And of course, Bosch is simply proud of this gcm12sd simply because of its space-saving design particularly to its Axial-Glide System. This system offers you smooth and controlled cuts in the process. Since it does not necessarily make use of a traditional rail set up, it’s a way much better when compared to its competitors.

Powerful Motor and Blade Compatibility are other important features you can simply get from this particular type of Bosch Miter Saw. These are great features especially when you are looking for a miter saw that offers versatility at its best. Its 15-amp motor is quite powerful and delivers no-load speeds at 3800 RPM. These characteristics allow you to cut quickly and accurately of various types of materials. To enhance its versatility and convenience, Bosch gcm12sd is designed to work compatibly on different kinds of 12-inch blades. Plus, it has a clear guard below for unobstructed visibility for each of your cut lines.

Another thing that you will simply like about this gcm12sd from Bosch is its flexible set up. Not only that, this set up also comes with a large capacity (14 inches for its horizontal capacity, 6.5 inches for its vertical capacity for materials against the base or fence, 6.5 inches crown capacity). With such kind of flexibility, the Bosch GCM12SD simply makes a perfect choice for a variety of cuts. Moreover, this saw also features a couple of integrated base extensions which offer adjustable support for certain kinds of materials that may measure forty inches in length.

Other essential features you can get from this kind of Bosch Miter Saw include:

  • Quick Release Square Lock Fences
  • Adjustable Miter Detents
  • Easy Access Detent Override
  • Upfront Bevel Controls
  • Marked Detents
  • Roof Pitch Angles
  • Dust Capture
  • Ergonomic Design for easy and comfortable grip

Bosch Miter Saw 4310

This is another type of miter saw from Bosch which is considered as one of the best choices for professional-based cutting projects and other types of construction needs and requirements. It is basically packed with certain features that allow perfection and excellence in each of the cutting projects you have in your home or in your job site. It comes with an adjustable knob for precise and accurate cuts and a powerful 15-amp motor for even the biggest and toughest jobs you have.

Adjustable saw is one of the most important things you can have from this kind of Bosch Miter Saw. This is especially true when you need to make cuts that are perfect and exact. For your accuracy and convenience, the upfront and selector knob allows you to access the unit’s bezel settings, thus allowing you to have the assurance that every cut you make is made to its perfection. Its settings are also designed to change easily and quickly in the process.

The Bosch 4310 allows you to work in full control so this adds up to your convenient and comfort along the way. With its miter detent override, it is not only the unit that you can control through it but the material you are cutting, too. And for you to prevent your hand from getting strained, Bosch 4310 offers four positions wherein you can place your hand, rendering superb comfort during your operations.

Lastly, this kind of Bosch Miter Saw also helps you come up with a cleaner and sturdier work area. This unit comes with a saw dust bag that you can use to collect sawdust mess produced by your cutting procedures. In this regard, you can always make your work area clean and tidy all the time. Bosch 4310 also comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

Updated: June 15, 2017 — 6:47 pm

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